A Technical Consultancy Organization (TCO)
CIN : U74899DL1985PLC204749

A Joint Venture of

Lender’s Independent Engineers

Lender’s Independent Engineers report is a periodical assessment of physical and financial progress of the project vis-à-vis estimates to ensure adherence to the project timelines and end use of funds disbursed/infused.

The Lender’s Independent Engineers Report Reviews:

  • Physical status of the work implemented on the site.
  • Judge and report the quantum of finance contributed and used for the project.
  • Estimated expenditure for the project over observed progress.
  • Review and comment of multiple Statutory Approvals and Clearances.
  • Verify whether the borrower’s obligations comply with project-related licensing agreements, if any.
  • To check whether physical progress is in line with project implementation schedule and planned project timelines.
  • Review the drawdown schedule for the planned project activity.
  • To ensure the availability of necessary infrastructure and suitability of the borrowers’ organization and functional readiness of the project under execution.
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